Chiseled - Intense Caffeine free Thermogenic

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An intense caffeine free thermogenic to aid in getting that look of a greek statue with a harmony of 12 ingredients to push your body to optimal fat burning states while keeping your mind focused, relaxed, and operating smoothly.


  • Chiseled hits on multiple fat burning angles with Paradoxine®, Capsimax™, Foskolin, T2, and Rauwolscine/Alpha Yohimbine.
  • 600mg of Ashwagandha extract to aid in cortisol and anxiety control.
  • 500mg of ALCAR and 50mg of Theobromine for energy and focus.
  • 300mg of Dandelion root to reduce water retention and present a rock hard look.
  • 100mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid for glucose and insulin regulation.
  • All of this combined with 50mg Astragin® and 5mg Black pepper extract for maximum absorption!