About Us || Mission Statement

What does Impel Nutrition stand for?

Impel is defined as a drive or force that pushes you to do something. Our mission is about positive momentum and encouraging that inner drive. Our goal is to fan that internal flame to push people to their highest potential. This is a no compromise approach to fitness, work, family, and life. You can do it all and we are here to help motivate that.

How do our products fit into this mission?

With a no compromise approach on results, we formulate products using only effective ingredients and effective dosages. No "pixie-dusting". All ingredients and dosages are research based. Our packaging is the same, very clear 30 serving amounts. We utilize straight forward marketing to explain and educate our customers on what you are getting in one serving and how that will help you. By bringing high quality products with the right message, it is our goal to help our customers be the best they can be in the gym, at work, and in life as a whole.


How Impel Nutrition got started:

I started Impel Nutrition mid-year 2019 after over two decades of taking and researching supplements. The market was full of under-dosed, confusing marketing, and products that didn't seem to make sense to me. For the last decade, I have been sleeping 4 hours a night working on a successful corporate career, raising a family, and getting my Bachelor's and Master's degrees at night. This lifestyle and my fitness goals led me to experiment and test with all types of products, but never finding one that really fit. I wanted to bring something to the market for the people trying to better themselves in every aspect in life. The people who are spending their hard earned money, as an investment, into their health and productivity. The end result was that I would launch Impel Nutrition, formulate a highly effective preworkout(1 scoop) that also doubles as an energy drink replacement(1/2 scoop) with exceptional focus oriented ingredients for getting things done, either in the gym or life in general.