Why we choose to 3rd party test? AND SHARE!

I wanted to take some time here to explain something that is often overlooked with supplements. Everyone wants things that 'work' and are 'cool', but how much of this is just fancy labels and paid advertising? Surprisingly more than we would think. The average consumer assumes that to be in a supplement shop a brand MUST be reputable. This may not actually be the case.

It is remarkably easy to have a product made, who knows where, and bring a questionable supplement to the market to be sold to unwitting consumers!

According to the USADA(US Anti-Doping Agency), there are often no warning signs a product is unsafe. There are cases of health problems and positive drug tests from incorrectly labeled or contaminated supplements.

Third party lab testing becomes critical to closing this gap in assumption and reality. This process involves sending a sealed container to an independent laboratory. This lab will then test samples out of the product to check for contaminants, existence of ingredients, and verification of label dosages. 

This sounds great right? Why isn't everyone doing this? The truth is these tests come at a high cost (thousands per product run). There is also a risk of adverse and costly issues within the company if the testing does not go positively.

Here at Impel Nutrition, this is the integrity that we stand behind. We put our money where our mouth is. We also personally audit and inspect any production facility BEFORE it runs any products for us. This is another anomaly in today's time where most people find a manufacturer online and never visit them even after years of business.

Impel Nutrition is about bringing high quality products. Quality is a buzzword you will hear on a lot of companies mission statements, but Impel breathes it. Our motto 'Compromise Somewhere Else' embodies this no compromise approach to quality. There are times where we have run out of products or delayed releases to ensure that we do not put a substandard product in your hands.

These third party lab tests confirm to us that our products are being made in a facility that is compliant with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) with stabile processes. Looking at a true independent lab test should instill confidence and trust in what you are using to fuel your journey.

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