Astrion™ - Reduce Wrinkles & Skin Aging, Increase Collagen!

Astrion™ has been shown to decrease wrinkles, reverse UV damage to skin, increases collagen production, hyaluronic acid synthesis, and absorption of the nutrients that form collagen+hyaluronic acid in skin cells. This increases the skin’s overall health and wellness, while defending against ultraviolet (UV) radiation and also helps age-related skin health.
What is Astrion™? It is a comseceutical ingredient from a patented blend of Astragalus(AST IV) and Centella asiatica(Asian Pennywort)
Why should I care about Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid? The epidermis and dermis make up the majority of your skin. Within these two layers, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid are held & produced (with the help of Vit C). HA attracts and holds water molecules within the body and skin. Collagen is the 'glue' that holds skin cells together, providing strength and elasticity.
@nulivscience has done multiple studies on Astrion™, many in vitro and one clinical on humans. The results were impressive:  30-80% increase in collagen production/synthesis in dermal and epidermal cells. The 4wk clinical trial showed significant improvement in wrinkle expression(N=19, Ages 36-82).
IN Daily has 250mg of Astrion™
NuLiv Science has funded 12 in vitro studies and one clinical study testing its potent skin-boosting ingredient. The results seen in vitro on human fibroblasts are eye-catching:
  • 60% increase in type I collagen synthesis in epidermal cells
  • 80% increase in type I collagen synthesis in dermal cells
  • 45% increase in type I collagen secretion in dermal cells
  • 30% and 80% increases in type III collagen synthesis and secretion, respectively, in dermal cells
  • 20% boost in hyaluronic production in epidermal cells
  • 30% rise in hyaluronic acid synthase expression in epidermal cells
  • 27% and 11% increases in proline uptake and glucosamine uptake, respectively, in epidermal cells

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