Importance of Vitamin C

Let’s talk about Vitamin C. - Fun fact most animals can synthesize their own, but primates & humans cannot.

Vitamin C is critical in many processes in the body from the immune system response, conversion of B vitamins, skin and collagen production, wound healing and much more.
Studies have shown Vitamin C to be effective at reducing symptoms and reduce time of illness for the common cold and rhinitis.
Vitamin C helps increase T Cell response to infection, protect healthy tissue, and reduce inflammation in damaged tissue.
Vitamin C is critical in collagen production and works in combination with Hyaluronic acid.
Recommended daily dose 500mg while healthy. 1-2g while sick.
Vitamin C is safe up to over 6g+\day due to excess being flushed via the kidneys and liver.
IN Daily contains 500mg of Vitamin C, plus much more!
Stay tuned for more ingredient breakdowns.
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